Septic System Inspection

Before you hire your Septic Inspector for your property in Elkhart, St. Joseph, LaGrange, Kosiousko or Noble County ask your Inspector in your interview him/her if they are Certified to do Inspections on Septic Systems.

We advice you do your homework in finding a Certified Septic Inspector, Certified Septic Professional in your area. Advanced Home Inspections takes seriously the importance of properly functioning Septic Systems to help protect our valuable environment.

The place to start is at:

State level. WWW.IOWPA.ORG search Resources – Find an Inspector

National level. WWW.NAWT.ORG search Certified Professionals


There are too many Home Buyers today purchasing homes that have limited or failing Septic Systems.

If your Septic Inspector did not open the septic tank lid and inspected the system baffles, you have been short changed in your Septic Evaluation.

Missing or deteriorated outlet baffles of the septic tank are a primary cause of septic system drainage failure. Missing this component in the inspection can cost you thousands of dollars. Early in my inspection days as I was doing a Whole House Inspection and noticed a peculiar patch of tall rich green grass growing in the back yard. I advised the first time home buyer (my client) to get the septic inspected. So my client asked me to do the septic inspection, turns out the outlet baffle was missing and needed repairs. The representing Agent was upset with me and told me I had no business inspecting that septic for she had the septic inspected two days ago and it passed, I would not have known for the dirt and grass above the septic lid was untouched. Note: It is not unusual to see some variation of grass colors in the septic field drain area, but if the grass is lush green it has tasted fertilizer!

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